Topband: My beverage only hears static?

terry burge ki7m at
Fri Jan 12 15:44:25 EST 2018

Hi folks,

I put up my first beverage recently. It's about 550-600 feet of 17 gauge electric fence wire running to the north about 6-7 feet high. Not terminated right now but using a beverage transformer I purchased on and have not put on the termination yet. Using a 5' galvanized ground rod at the transformer and 75 ohm RG-6 surplus I got about 35 feet to my K-3 Elecraft thru an Array Solutions frontend protector to the RX antenna connection.

All I get is S-5 static on the beverage. Even the strong stations barely make a ripple of noise. Is this right? 

I added some clamp on ferrites to see if the Common Mode Noise would be cut down but after putting 5 on the RG-6 coax there is no difference. Just that S-5 static level on any band 80/40/20/etc. Right now I'm listening to P49MR on 14.250.0 Mhz and his 57 signal does not even come thru on the beverage when I switch to RX antenna?



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