Topband: Band Open - But No Sunrise Peak

Mike Waters mikewate at
Fri Jan 12 20:10:20 EST 2018

I started a thread about this very subject back in July at:

Let us know your opinions. Several (except one) have posted references
there that this solar minimum is not *any* lower than the previous ones.
Something else is going on in our ionosphere.

73, Mike

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 6:48 PM, Nick Hall-Patch <nhp at> wrote:

> I suspect that
> shows the source of our difficulties.  The highest level of geomagnetic
> activity in the present cycle started in late 2014.   Up to that point,
> high latitude conditions in this location seemed pretty reasonable overall,
> considering the progress of the solar cycle, but since then, they've been
> fairly poor overall.
> Perhaps quieter geomagnetic conditions overall contribute to the
> likelihood of the occurrence of sunrise peaks in signal strength?   (though
> that's difficult to tell if there are also no signals heard previous to
> sunrise due to poor conditions)

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