Topband: VU2GSM webSDR use

Sun Jan 14 14:24:08 EST 2018

We may be debating this issue too much – IMHO it seems simple using the ARRL 
DXCC rules: If both the Rx and the Tx are located within the borders of the 
country (Rx cud be 1000 miles away..), it’s a valid QSO for DXCC, WAS, etc 
purposes. They have accepted fully “remote” operations for DXCC credit as 
long as this rule is followed so plenty of precedence... that said, if the 
Rx is located outside the country of operation, I can’t imagine how that 
qualifies as a valid 2-way QSO – IF you care about DXCC credit. If you don’t 
care, it’s certainly a good way to use the existing technology to extend 
your operational range. I hope the ARRL issues some guidelines on this 
subject soon..AND...I think it’s imperative in the interest of the DXCC 
program for the DX station using an out-of-country Rx to advise the other 
station of that fact so they realize this QSO may not be valid for DXCC 
73, Jay NY2NY

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