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There are more than moral or ethical issues using WebSDR. The logs I 
expect to submit (eventually) are for receive-only activity. I see 
problems netting with signals coming through the WebSDR station. Not 
insurmountable but not trivial either. The real deal for me and a do you implement full qsk using WebSDR? What about "dual 
receive" operation? Listening on your own TX frequency and the DX's TX 


Bill  KU8H

On 01/14/2018 03:18 PM, kostas sv1dpi wrote:
> Unfortunately webSDR are widely used from many hams around the world. I
> wonder why webSDR owners don't add 5 seconds delay to their software.
> This way we will have just all the goodies without problems. So some of
> us want and encourage this one.
> There are also people who use (hiring or not) remote stations in another
> country while they sign from the home country. While I was in Iran as
> EP6T I heard some USA stations calling me with stronger signals than
> Europeans in time where the USA path was closed. Sorry I don't remember
> calls. I am sure that Europeans do this much more with Pacific
> DXpeditions as I consider that USA hams are honest. This way I remember
> some calls but I can not mention them as I can not prove it.
> Many use webSDR in contests also. In last year's 160m cw contest, a
> station near me started calling in the same freq with me. He was 9+60 to
> me. Except the fact that he was not using legal power, he couldn't
> listen me while I was trying to say QSY! After some CQs he was working a
> Japanese pileup. I could not hear the most of them even I had a 600ft
> beverage to JA! The worst I couldn't bother him even I continued to call
> CQ for about 10min! He was using a webSDR for sure. Some of my friends
> in Japan thought that their systems work well that night as they were
> heard to Europe but probably it was not the true.
> The worst of all is that nobody seems to care about all these. ARRL
> likes the fact that more stations will submit his 80 and 160m slot and
> they will get some more cents. Most of the hams like that they worked a
> new one and don't care how the other one listen them or how they listen
> him. A friend of mine used webSDR for listening and when I told him why
> he does it, he answered that he has noise and if the signal goes from SV
> to USA, comes from USA to SV as well. He can not listen him because the
> big noise!
> The main problem is what Steve mentioned: ok I don't use webSDR myself
> as I don't approve them but how I know what the other station does. And
> after some points of view where some of us find it more or less normal,
> I wonder which is better: to abandon the ham radio hobby or to hire my
> station for remote use?
> 73 Kostas SV1DPI
> 22 years in ham radio
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