Topband: VU2GSM webSDR use

Manoj Ramawarrier vu2cpl at
Mon Jan 15 00:22:17 EST 2018


I am a newbie on TB and started working here only from 02 Dec 2017. I have so far 632 QSOs 58 DXCC entities worked and 52 confirmed on lotw. 
Each of these QSOs, were hard, but I can proudly say I heard and worked all on my TX/RX.

I have been seeing the discussion on this topic and is equally dismayed and pained at the comments and conclusions implying all VU’s might be doing this. 
Please don’t generalise that all VUs and 4S7s. I understand VU is rare on TB and have been getting a lot of email requests and some of them - US5WE and K4PI had to really sweat it out for almost 2 weeks. 
If websdr was the option, we would have done it on first day itself.

There were complaints on ON4KST chat room that I don’t hear well. Fine, I went ahead and installed a 350 ft Beverage and I started hearing much better in NNW/SSE direction. Now next is an E/W Beverage.

If any of you want a QSO on any band/mode please feel free to contact. I use lotw and will be happy to confirm your qso immediately.

HNY & 73

Manoj VU2CPL

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