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John, is the use of a remote receiver not allowed for DXCC? I don’t believe it is prohibited. I ask because your use of the word “cheating” suggests that it is. Is that what you are saying? Steve Daniel NN4T

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> On Jan 15, 2018, at 12:31 PM, John Randall via Topband <topband at> wrote:
> Although I have never chased awards, I too am shocked at how easy it has become for those so inclined to cheat the system, but not only the system ,but themselves as well. Ofcourse not everyone will cheat but perhaps what we should be discussing is how to detect those who do cheat. Perhaps a DIY written document on how to to do this and what to look out for. This would be of tremendous help for the new comers to the hobby and also us old fogeys who have been around for a long time.Technology is a blessing and also a curse. Perhaps one way to try and get back some control is force all websdr's to enforce a full amateur call sign to its subscribers and then to make the dbases available for scrutinity sothat the logs can be compared to say the DXCC mechanisms. This is just a thought and worth chewing over or other methods used. 
> Talking of which, has anyone noticed that the imfamous amaeteur in Spain has been absent on the bands incl topband.
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