Topband: WebSDR Cheating.

terry burge ki7m at
Mon Jan 15 15:23:57 EST 2018

Someone suggested a 5 second pause on the webSDR. I think that would be a reasonable thing to do and let people know when someone is using a relays station. Also, could help when using the webSDR to check the audio of your signal. Useful even. Can a delay be put into these unit?

Requiring a valid ham license is definitely not the way to go. Why should that be a requirement for an SWL'er and BCB DX'er to use one of these units. Not everyone want or likes ham radio but being able to listen to some down home radio station from Podunk seems a pretty nice thing to do.



> On January 15, 2018 at 11:57 AM DXer wrote:
>     >>>>Perhaps one way to try and get back some control is force all websdr's
>     to enforce a full >>>>amateur call sign to its subscribers and then to make
>     the dbases available for scrutinity sothat >>>>the logs can be compared to
>     say the DXCC mechanisms. This is just a thought and worth >>>>chewing over
>     or other methods used.
>     Brainstorming for solutions is always a good thing. As for this particular
>     suggestion, I can see a couple of problems from the get go. Not meant as a
>     criticism, just part of an exchange of ideas.
>     Most WebSDRs are maintained by radio enthusiasts, not necessarily hamradio
>     operators. Although some of them may be MW DXers, they may not be aware of
>     Topband as a specialty niche.
>     How to force or enforce their compliance? Why would they care? Making
>     databases available, in a reliable and timely manner, would be even harder.
>     Once something, anything, is on the net, it's very hard to control. Just
>     look at internet crime, and how difficult it's to find and stop it,
>     permanently. Big issues will eventually be dealt with, but 'illegal' WebSDR
>     use, is another story altogether.
>     No, I have no idea how to deal with this problem. Short of peer pressure,
>     and sorry for saying this, public shaming, what else can be done?
>     The best approach is to 'educate' new hams. But human nature being what it
>     is, there will always be a 'small minority' willing to cheat.
>     73 de Vince, VA3VF
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