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Mon Jan 15 23:50:52 EST 2018

John (and others)

I would not like to see the below suggestion carried out for the following 

There have been times that I have used a WebSDR receiver in Europe to help 
me decide where to transmit from here in Florida.  An example was the 
3C0/3C1 operations.

I am pretty sure that the pileups from Europe were louder in those locations 
than my signal from Florida.  HOWEVER, I used the WebSDR to find holes in 
the EU pileups and successfully worked both stations on TB.

I could not hear most of those whom I saw on the SDR here in Florida, and my 
Waller Flag was not pointed at EU to look for them.

At the same time, I was hearing the 3C stations here on my receiver in 
Florida, and NOT on the webSDR receivers in Europe.

Should I be penalized for using a TOOL to figure out where to transmit? I 
think not.  This is not "Cheating" as some would suggest.

If you saw a report of me listening on a webSDR, you would falsely conclude 
I was hearing a 3C by using that means.

This tool is the same as using Reverse beacon networks or telnet  reporting 
to find the DX.

I agree that making QSOs where the receiver is not located where the 
transmitter is located is against the rules of DXing and fair play, but 
don't penalize those who would use a tool that is available for getting into 
the DX station's log.

73,  PeteR  N8PR

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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 18:31:38 +0000 (UTC)
From: John Randall <m0els at>
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Subject: Topband: cheating
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Although I have never chased awards, I too am shocked at how easy it has 
become for those so inclined to cheat the system, but not only the system 
,but themselves as well. Ofcourse not everyone will cheat but perhaps what 
we should be discussing is how to detect those who do cheat. Perhaps a DIY 
written document on how to to do this and what to look out for. This would 
be of tremendous help for the new comers to the hobby and also us old fogeys 
who have been around for a long time.Technology is a blessing and also a 
curse. Perhaps one way to try and get back some control is force all 
websdr's to enforce a full amateur call sign to its subscribers and then to 
make the dbases available for scrutinity sothat the logs can be compared to 
say the DXCC mechanisms. This is just a thought and worth chewing over or 
other methods used.
Talking of which, has anyone noticed that the imfamous amaeteur in Spain has 
been absent on the bands incl topband.

73John - M0ELS

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