Topband: sdrWEB not going in my log

StellarCAT rxdesign at
Tue Jan 16 09:30:52 EST 2018

Jeff wrote:  
“There is no way to supervise this behavior globally.  .....................- even though ARRL DXCC regulations make the use of an east-coast USA remote receiver point perfectly acceptable. .......................I really can't complaint because it's allowed explicitly by the rules and it's within their set of choices.  “
alpha-charlie-zero-charlie  This is the second post I’ve seen that states this ... did I miss something in the rules for DXCC? It seems like it does NOT allow for a remote receiver! It ONLY allows for a remote STATION, see rule 9b. It says, I thought, that BOTH RX and TX antennas must be within 500M of each other ... so one that chooses to receive on the right coast when they’re on the left (or vice versa) ISN’T complying with the rules. I recently heard a station that is often high on the CL leaderboard – calling the 6O group in the middle of the day on 40 meters when it was being spotted only by W6’s. This guy is on the EAST coast (LP) ... weird propagation?  personally I would not count such a contact – and would like to see the agreed to if not required use of something like a /s in the call for SDR RX. This would only apply to those that are using remote RX– which would then allow stations to decide on what to do with it. But again unless I misread it, and if so my apologies, it doesn’t allow for remote RX for DXCC!   Gary K9RX

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