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Tue Jan 16 11:12:47 EST 2018

E31A was workable until about 0405Z, then faded quickly in Michigan.

Heard Tim's QSO and many other US 1's and 2's and some 3's, and some
others in MS, TX, IN, OH, IL, MI.  Also some I's, an SP5, an RN3, OH7,
etc. (Only the E31A end, too much Aurora absorption to copy Europe from

GL all, George,  K8GG

> E31A was up and down for a while last night, sometimes OK copy for me and
> sometimes not.
> But in the hour before his sunrise he really peaked up A LOT. My logger
> tells me his sunrise at at 3:53Z and my QSO was about 40 minutes before
> that.
> Tim N3QE
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