Topband: cheating the system

John Randall m0els at
Tue Jan 16 12:29:39 EST 2018

Well, I had to have a last last say did'nt I. In the latest February Edition of Practical Wireless magazine is an article on a diversity adapter, whereby one can connect your receiver to one ant port and say a websdtr or another receiver at your 2nd home to the other port and than adjust the convergence pot so that the two signals blend into one stable good signal. How would this pan out in the ARRL rules. I think that there must be a serious discussion among the various telecom regions to try and iron out a plan of action, if they even dare to.
Just for being nosey, I ran the ft8 software last night before bed to see what I could see and boy, there were stations from all over the world on topband, happily working each other. Twenty minutes later I went back to my flex 3000 and heard some german and italians on the QRO section and bliss returned. 
73John - M0ELS

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