Topband: VU2GSM webSDR use: A Clarification

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<Nevertheless, I have worked Kanti a couple of times on each of 30, 40 
and 80M.  The 30M QSOs took place generally around his SR and early 
evening here, and I have heard him many times in that time frame on that 
band.  I use a two element quad and either 100 or 200W output on that 
band, and his reports of my signal, 559, are consistent with those 
conditions.  When I worked him on 80M, I began a correspondence with 
him.  His response to that initial e-mail was "Yes i got you clearly and 
you were overriding QSB."  That sure sounds like he was copying me 
directly.  Further, for some reason when I had QSLed him directly, I had 
omitted our 80M QSO and had to request a second QSL from him via 
e-mail.  In that exchange there was not the slightest hint of his using 
remote RX.  Subsequently, because he knew I had an Expert 2K amp here, 
we had several detailed e-mail exchanges to discuss the set-up of his 
newly acquired 1.3K amp.  Again, there was absolutely no hint of using 
remote RX.

It appears that he does use remote RX at times, but a review of the 
times and signal reports for all our QSOs strongly support direct, long 
haul reception.

Again, I apologize for any ambiguity in my previous post.

73, Joe

##  What about 160M ?    Did you work VU2GSM on 160m, or 
only 80-40-30 ?    That was steves point.  Kanti is in downtown
bangalore with high noise on 160m.   That would be extremely
difficult   for Kanti to hear on 160m.   Has anybody on the west coast
worked Kanti..on 160M  ?

Jim  VE7RF  

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