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Tue Jan 16 20:48:48 EST 2018

The communication act of 1934 has be 'amended', changed, whatever a few years back by congress. I think it was on behalf of the NSA and CIA or homeland security. (always hated that 'homeland security' name. It sounds too much like 'for the Fatherland' for me). And the cellphone companies. You can not listen to cellphone frequencies up in the 940Mhz range or so That is why VHF./UHF receiver like my Icom R-7000 are blocked there. Buy one in some other country and you find them being sold with those cellphone frequencies working. And what about the rule where you are not suppose to pass on any information you hear on the radio to the public. Every time hams dememstraight a field day operation to the local TV or newspaper I've wondered if it was technically a violation of the FCC part 95 rules. Or when some ship in distress gets a ham to contact authorities and pass on the coordinated and ccondition they at in needing help for.

Just wish that had not messed with the communications act of 1934. I thought it was one time when congress do something right for the public.



> On January 16, 2018 at 3:02 PM JAYB1943 at OPTONLINE.NET mailto:JAYB1943 at OPTONLINE.NET wrote:
>     I think we are all losing sight of one important fact: the “rules” everyone
>     seems to speaking about are ARRL rules...the only “rules” ANY ham is
>     obligated to follow are the applicable government regulations associated
>     with the country they have been licensed by. Believe it or not, not all hams
>     in the world belong to, or care about, the ARRL. Remember the Communications
>     Act of 1934 ? This law guarantees that anybody can RECEIVE radio signals on
>     any band in any way they can get them. The only “rules” in the US are
>     written to govern the nature and frequencies of TRANSMISSIONS of RF.
>     It is hard for me to understand why so many of us seem to want to impose
>     their own interpretation of the “rules” on our fellow hams when most of them
>     don’t care how the DX station hears them as long as they “make the contact”.
>     If any station decides that this is not a valid QSO (for ARRL reasons), he
>     can choose to leave it out of his log...What other stations do with that
>     situation should be of no concern to him.
>     We can only wait and see how the ARRL acts (or not) on the use of web sdr’s
>     as it relates to DXCC, contests, etc. I would expect a heated debate at HQ
>     as acting against their use denies the technology, something they have been
>     wont to do.
>     For now, I will work them now, worry about the “rules” later (or not).
>     Remember to have fun guys....
>     73 jay NY2NY
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