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<The ONLY positive solution I see is for the ARRL to rewrite Section 9 of the 
DXCC rules?right now totally remote stations (Rx+Tx) are OK but split Rx and 
Tx more than 500 meters apart are NOT...does this make sense ? If a totally 
separate STATION 3000 mi away is OK, why can?t one use just the Rx feature 
of the remote station and transmit from home ?? ARRL needs to drop the 500 
meter rule as it makes no sense and limits the expansion of new technology.
   73 jay NY2NY 

##  congrats, you just nailed it !   Current rules are stupid as a brick.  Operate
your remote, just outside of town, on a hill top, and dead quiet RX, and also
TX is...  OK.....  BUT   TX  from your postage stamp city lot... then RX  from the
SAME remote is a big...  no-no.   Now expand that concept to....  TX + RX, using a 
remote that is 3500 miles away, on the east coast  of canada, which is 5 times zones ahead
of us folks on the west coast.... no problems, fully legal.   But  TX on the west coast + RX
on the east coast... another big no-no.   What if a station in southern california  uses a remote
RX, in XE land, just across the border... another no-no.  But its...ok  for the same southern
W6 station to use a rx + tx remote on the east coast of the usa. 

##  Current arrl rules have more holes than a sieve.   IF both stations are using remote RX,
then dxcc  will become a snap.  Just find a remote RX..close to whoever you want to work.
Heck, you could do that with simple ants + 100 both ends.  

##  If folks cant hear each other on 160m,  instead of using remote RX..or  
remote  RX + TX, perhaps a push for increased power limits on the lower
bands is in order, esp on 160m.   If you look at it in terms of ERP, it seems 
silly that 1.5 kw into stacked yagis on a 200 ft tower on  40-10m is... OK,
but 3-5 kw into a  50 ft high dipole on 160m is a no-no.  Makes no sense. 

Jim   VE7RF

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