Topband: VE6WZ Audio Files and EU conditions

Steve Babcock ve6wz at
Thu Jan 18 15:43:18 EST 2018

At VE6WZ, the EU transpolar DX path on 160 has been excellent this winter season. Since Oct. 2017 there have been 220 EU DX that have made it into the log. I am very happy with the new remote station. RFI quiet rural QTH on the top of a very high hill. Game changing compared to the old city lot QTH.

For anyone interested in hearing how their TB signal sounds in VE6, I have uploaded some recordings of my QSOs from this season. I have not captured all of my QSO’s since sometimes I forget to turn on the recorder, and a few times I ended up with a corrupted file. Usually I am RX with diversity rx on the K3s…9 circle array in the left ear, and 1000’ beverage in the right ear. Most files are best heard using headphones (who works DX on TB without headphones anyway?)
If you notice strange behaviour with my Keying or timing, it is because at the VE6WZ remote, I often have problems using the hand keyer, so I use keyboard CW. Before I can return to a caller, I need to input their call and RST so the CW keyer macro can send a reply. The files are listed by call, with filename indicating the date of QSO: <>

This link is also available on my <> page together with detail about the remote station.

73, de steve ve6wz.

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