Topband: VU2CPL 80m

Steve Babcock ve6wz at
Mon Jan 22 14:35:13 EST 2018

I want to congratulate Manoj VU2CPL for his excellent RX from Bangalore on the lowbands.

This morning Manoj, VU2CPL was in the ON4KST Low-band chat room saying he was going to CQ on 1825, rx for NA. After a few minutes I told him I had no copy and asked him if he would try 80m. This was about 20 min before my SR. He said he would CQ on 3525. I QSY’d and within 30 seconds I heard him QRL? QRZ? de VU2CPL. Before he even started to call CQ, I called him. A few VE? and he got my call.  This was a true true LP QSO, with the Yagi at 240 deg. Diversity rx with the Yagi and 800’ SW Beverage. I have been waiting a long time for a VU QSO on 80m. Not an easy path to Western Canada.

Manoj is using a 350 ft 2 wire reversible beverage at his Bangalore QTH. Obviously it is working well. He seems committed to the low-bands, and has been very regular lately. I expect he would be very willing to arrange a sked one morning for anyone wanting to give it a try with him. He is also a regular in the ON4KST Low-band chat room.
Perhaps a 160m QSO will be possible???

Below are two recordings of his signal….the first file is my QSO, the second file his CQ and an EU QSO. <> <>

73, de steve ve6wz.

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