Topband: Fwd: [TowerTalk] Loss in CCS conductors at low freqs (was Voltage Breakdown For Enameled Wire)

Brian Pease bpease2 at
Mon Jan 29 22:19:10 EST 2018

My guess is also the steel wires, which have very poor conductivity at 
HF compared to copper.  Aluminum fence wire is also not a good choice 
and would likely literally dissolve if buried, depending on soil 
characteristics.  I use army surface field phone wire, which is a mix of 
copper and steel strands, both wires in parallel for each radial.  The 
insulation makes zero electrical difference with buried radials but 
should preserve the wire for many years.  About $60.00 for 2km on Ebay 
including shipping.

On 1/29/2018 6:48 PM, terry burge wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've had two or three different hy-towers in my time and I don't recall any of them having this high of SWR on 80/75 mtrs at resonant. Maybe it is the galvanized radials from the local farm store (Wilco)?

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