Topband: 160m DX Activity Night

Wes Stewart wes_n7ws at
Tue Jan 30 19:21:09 EST 2018

Wednesday would work for me.  That said, a few thoughts:

1: "right across America" includes US east coast and northern tier stations and 
those of us another hop or two further from you in the far southwestern part of 
the country.

2:  Unless I've confused you with another Roger, I remember a night a week or so 
ago when you were quite good copy here in Arizona.  It was anguish to listen to 
you work nothing but eastern US stations.   Selective calling and more rapid 
QSOs would have better utilized the opening and put more stations in your log, 
and you in mine.

Wes  N7WS

On 1/29/2018 12:04 PM, Roger Kennedy wrote:
> 160m has often been open from Europe right across America over the past few
> weeks . . .
> Some nights there are LOTS of NA stations on the band . . . other times it's
> very quiet, and endless CQ calls produce no replies! (despite RBN showing
> there is good propagation)
> Can I suggest we come up with a weekly DX Activity Night on CW?
> How about a Wednesday?
> 73 Roger G3YRO
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