Topband: 160m DX Activity Night

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Wed Jan 31 02:38:36 EST 2018

That is really up to you.
Quit a few of us are active on 160 in order to check condx...
Still recall last low sunspot
 Period when it was easy for us to work KH6. Sometimes signals werre coming
over the pole while at other times they came in from over central americas.
Enjoy 73

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So what's the accepted practice of working stations again and again on 160M?

If I've worked you once or twice in the past I won't answer your CQ, unless
you're CQing with no responses, but then probably not.    I've found in the
past that ops don't want repeat customers,  they want fresh fish.

I've been doing other thingsin the shack and have heard EU stations CQing
and CQing on TB but I don't answer as they're in my log quite a few
times.   Should I answer?

73 Mark K3MSB
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