Topband: How to determine impedance

Martin dm4im at
Wed Jan 31 08:35:34 EST 2018

thanks for all the valuable input.
So far i can say the beverage was of great help in the past 160m contest 
although it still is not optimized. At DL0WH, we didn't work much, we 
rather tested the performance. Conclusion was: NW works great, SE 
..uhm.. not.

The K9AY loop outperformed the beverage on sigs from SE.

So back to finding the fault, recalculate the transformers, measure 
impedance etc.

When this bev works, i'll undertake the adventure with the partially 
buried NE/SW bev discussed earlier.

We now need a better tx-antenna, also.


Ohne CW ist es nur CB..

73, Martin DM4iM

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