Topband: No 160m Sunrise Peak

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Wed Jan 31 11:53:09 EST 2018

In my ecperience, this can explain why I hear western EU so much better starting about 30 min before their SR.

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Hi Roger,

as Nick, VE7DXR said already on this reflector I have to confirm that the expected "peak" should be more or less the significant decreasing of the noise in fact and due to that effect the rapid S/N improvement.

I reviewed my very old logs from 80's (when I was active on TB as OL1BVR almost daily) and I found several notices in my log around the SR about dramatic decreasing the noise during the grey line phenomenon on TB which is raised up back with the coming full daylight.  

On the other hand Dave, W0FLS and others referring to an increase in actual signal levels (with corresponding increase in S/N).

So it looks like both of these effects are playing the role in the game...
Is there anybody who made an observation using some SDR + PC s/w spectrum measurement during the SR/SS please?   

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73 - Petr, OK1RP

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018, at 11:19 AM, Roger Kennedy wrote:
> Just to re-state something I posted a few weeks ago . . .
> I made a point of checking signal strengths last weekend in the CQ WW.
> Once again, there was absolutely NO increase in signals strengths around our
> Sunrise (0730Z), and if anything they started to drop off.
> This was regardless of how far west the stations were.
> Don't ask me why . . . in the old days, you would only bother coming on
> around Sunrise to work DX, as signals would increase by as much as 10 -
> 20dB.
> Roger G3YRO
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