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Larry pacer99 at
Wed Jan 31 13:02:45 EST 2018

Yes there is most certainly a peak at sunrise most days.

You can monitor the RBN and see your signal strength at specific locations. I do that from Arizona with Japan RBN stations.

During this last contest,  second day produced a great pre-sunrise opening to western Europe. 40 EU logged in the hour. Some G stations peaking S9 plus at their sunrise.

In my many years of 160 activity I have made about 10 true LP contacts. All have been between 10 minutes before sunrise to 10 minutes after. My last zone was a contact with EY8MM at exactly sunrise.

There are reasons for this kind of opening but would take someone smarter than me to explain it.


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On Jan 31, 2018, at 6:37 AM, k8gg at wrote:

Roger, Et. Al.,

On the contrary, Sunday morning in the CQWW 160 CW there was a peak
observed from Michigan.

A very weak EI4???  called me about 0730Z without a QSO.  Then G3PQA
popped up solid and we made a QSO easily.  That was followed by an EI2 who
was good copy, F6ARC, and a DJ4 in total sunrise about 0745Z.  They were
579 to 589 despite contest intermod at W8RT, the Low-Band contest station
near Battle Creek, Michigan.  Also an LA station was hunting and pouncing
at that time and, although he did not call me, he was louder than when
calling CQ and running on a fixed frequency.

73,  George,  K8GG, 2nd operator in a Multi-Operator Hi-Power entry.

> Just to re-state something I posted a few weeks ago . . .
> I made a point of checking signal strengths last weekend in the CQ WW.
> Once again, there was absolutely NO increase in signals strengths around
> our
> Sunrise (0730Z), and if anything they started to drop off.
> This was regardless of how far west the stations were.
> Don't ask me why . . . in the old days, you would only bother coming on
> around Sunrise to work DX, as signals would increase by as much as 10 -
> 20dB.
> Roger G3YRO
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