Topband: No 160m Sunrise Peak

Wed Jan 31 20:52:59 EST 2018

I was out in the Bahamas for the CQWW160 contest from C6AGU. Both before and 
after the contest I got up to work JA-s at sunrise. There was definite peak 
in signals. The peaks started just at sunrise (06:47 local time) and lasted 
about 15 minutes. By 07:15 there was nothing on the band. It was similar 
during the contest.
On Monday morning I was testing a new 80 meter antenna. The peak was very 
prominent on this band. I was working JA-s from about 06:15 and they were 
extremely weak (I had a good RX antenna and plenty of pre-amp gain). 
Starting just after sunrise, around 07:00 signals came up to S9 withing 
minutes. I worked about 30 stations and most of them were loud. The peak 
ended very quickly: I was barely able to complete the last QSO. By 07:20 
there was absolutely nothing.

On Wed, 31 Jan 2018 15:31:14 -0500
  Guy Olinger K2AV <k2av.guy at> wrote:
> I actually wasn't hearing band peaks either, until I got to thinking about
> that, and went digging in the RBN stats. The peaks are there. So what gives?

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