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Raymond Benny rayn6vr at
Wed Jan 31 22:55:53 EST 2018

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 7:40 AM, Bret Mills bret.wx7y at
[KesslerEngineering_ATAUTO] <KesslerEngineering_ATAUTO at>

> Hi Jerry, just a note remember the tuner has mechanical motor driven parts
> and if it gets cold where your at the tuner will have issues with the cold
> temperatures.
> It is a wonderful tuner and works like a dream at room temperature and you
> can add the second SO-239 connector as the other gentleman advised, but for
> remote operation of the controls not sure what you would need to do other
> then switch outputs or maybe bypass the tuner.
> If all your wanting to do is Power off-on, or switch Antenna ports then a
> simple remote relay controller that toggles on and off would work for that.
>  I use the "Control by WEB"  X-310 that has tons of things it will do
> including 4 low signal relays, one wire temperature and other type sensors,
> and some inputs to monitor things that you could hook up to see what
> antenna your on or if power was off or on etc. that you can control and
> monitor with a web interface or a Android device with the Android App.,
> Denkovi has a similar board for a lot less money that may also work.
> You could also use a raspberry Pi if your a Linux guy to write some code
> to do what you want
> I just got done building a remote controlled 2X6 port Antenna switch with
> one of the X332's and works like a dream.
> Control by web:   (Macro's and USA support)
> Denkovi:   (Bulgarian Support)
> Don was working on a outdoor tuner several years ago but not sure if there
> has been any thing released or if it is still on his web site but maybe
> send him a Email and ask him about it.
> Oh one more thing if your controlling the tuner and switch with RS-232
> control or CIV and have software on a PC that can control your tuner and
> Antenna switch already like the newer Logging programs or FLEX you could
> use a Remote USB controller and a USB cable on the other end to match your
> equipment requirement requirements, Silex makes a VERY GOOD Remote USB box.
> I use these to Program my Repeaters remotely, and controls on Mountain
> tops several hundred miles away remotely from the comfort of home.
> device-networking/usb-parallel-connectivity/
> WARNING don't go cheep on a USB box the others are a waist of money.
> Hope this helps.
> 73's
> Bret
> WX7Y
> On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 10:01 AM, 'Jerry' jsternmd at
> [KesslerEngineering_ATAUTO] <KesslerEngineering_ATAUTO at>
> wrote:
>> I have an AT-Auto in the shack but recently moved to new QTH where I can
>> only have dipoles.  To get multiband and avoid major loss the feedline to
>> the shack entry is 120’ of 400 ohm ladder-line.  I wanted to build a
>> weather proof box for my AT-AUTO and mount it right to the outside of my
>> house entry and then run 30’ of coax from the AT-TUNER to the shack on my 2
>> nd floor.    I wasn’t sure how the mechanical aspects such as the
>> steppers and roller inductor grease, etc would hold up in our below zero
>> winters (we had -10 to -15 two weeks ago) so I opted to buy an MFJ-998R
>> instead.  Nowhere close to the AT-AUTO but it is getting the job done on
>> most bands.  It doesn’t have any remote monitoring capability other than
>> watching SWR in the shack while tuning at low power so I think that would
>> be fine for the AT-AUTO also.  I would love to get my AT-AUTO with a
>> CX-AUTO switch mounted remotely… it would have to be a big box but well
>> worth it if Don can offer a NEMA enclosure and if he can verify that the
>> mechanical aspects in sub-zero winters wouldn’t be a problem.
>> 73 Jerry NY2KW
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Tnx for your comments and suggestions. For others on Top Band, please read
the string of emails leading up to this email, or delete the whole string.

The coax runs to my 80m/160m verticals are about 125ft. The 160m vertical
is 72ft with 4 - 30ft top hat wires. The 80m vertical is #10 wire, 67 ft
long hanging off the 160m vertical at 68ft. Both share an extensive ground
radial system. BTW, each vertical antenna has its own base loading matching

By placing the AT-Auto just outboard of my amp, this will only make the amp
happy, which is good. But, I my mind, overall it will degrade the
efficiency and performance of the verticals. The amp maybe be happy but the
mismatch at the antenna will change dramatically as I go out of resonance
because of the change in impedance, etc. at the base.

What's thought the thought if I remove both base matching inductors and
feed the verticals directly with the AT-Auto at the amp?

Am I thinking correctly. Can others chime in please?


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