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Roger Kennedy roger at
Fri Nov 2 11:23:02 EDT 2018

Hi Dave

Funnily enough, I am still finding that our Sunrise is very poor . . .
rather than signals peaking, they seem to drop off compared to the general
night-time signals (that never used to be the case - our Sunrise was always
best for me)

The peak seems to be somewhat after your Sunset . . . around 23.30 for East
Coast, and as the night spreads across the US, I work stations further west.

Hope to work you again soon!

73 Roger G3YRO

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I missed you last night, Roger

I did try listening on the band 2 hours before my sunset and was surprised
to hear a DL1 station at S7 or S8. It was an amazing signal at
19:42 UT.  I just happened to be in the 160 shack working on some shelves
for a test equipment bench.   At my sunset, I heard VK6VZ on long path with
a great real 559 signal. He was in for a tad over 15 minutes, but too much
EU QRM to get through. That was my first long path signal heard on 160.  I
have also heard JA stations at my sunrise three days in a row. That is a
normally impossible path!

I promise to be more active in hopes of working plenty of rare DX as well as
talk to the many friends I am making on 160! What a great band! In a weak
moment, I even tried some FT8 but had a miserable time as the software
seemed all screwed up. I could not send RR to answering stations, and it
took me a few minutes to realize that the FOX/HOUND push buttons had been
activated!  What a dope I am at times.  The FT-8 adventure was short lived
and back on CW I found a station in Andorra for a new country! I am up to
193 now.  I will try to get on for EU sunrise in the coming days too.

I am so happy that 160 condx are getting so FB.  I hope to make the most of
them. Thanks for all of your efforts.

Dave K1WHS

On 11/2/2018 1:10 PM, Roger Kennedy wrote:
> Good to hear the band open most nights this week, and a reasonable number
> NA stations coming on CW!   Worked my old friend Dave, AA0RS for the first
> time in ages.
> And I had a great chat on SSB with Jeff VY2ZM last night . . . he's 
> always such a great signal over here, and was peaking S9 +20dB !  
> (shame there weren't any other NA stations calling in)
> Hope there will be a lot more NA stations on 160m on CW and SSB over 
> the weekend.
> Roger G3YRO
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