Topband: Low bands DXing group on Telegram

Ashraf Chaabane ash.kf5eyy at
Mon Nov 12 10:03:23 EST 2018

Hi all,

I’m not sure if there is a low bands chat group on any of the chat apps
(please advise). I herein suggest to have a chat group on Telegram
Anyone with an Android or iOS mobile would have access to the that chat

I know most of the lowbanders want to be old fashioned guys, no doubt
ON4KST is great, but it’s useful to always be able to check conditions
easily from any place you are in using the mobile.

I opened a new channel named: @LowBandsDXing

I will see how many people are interested to join. If you couldn’t find the
group, please email me in private.

73 Ash 3V8SF
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