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Mark K3MSB mark.k3msb at
Wed Nov 14 13:21:27 EST 2018

I‘m about 160 miles NE of Jim WS6X and was on last night at the same time
as he was.

Like Jim, I had no problems working R3LA or LZ1PM.    LZ1PM Was holding
court for a long time last night!      I barely had a QSO with Roger G3YRO,
and I was just about to give up when he got my call right.   Usually I have
no problem working him.

F6ARC Was nothing more than a whisper at my place, and after a few times I
moved on down the dial.

I heard one or two other stations from England but was unable to work them.

I concur with Jim’s comment that propagation into eastern EU wasn’t bad but
not as good into western EU.

Running a KW into my INV-L,  and my RX antenna is a HI-Z 3.

I noted 3V8 was on the air last night…..  unfortunately, I noticed it this
morning……   maybe tonight!

73 Mark K3MSB

On Wed, Nov 14, 2018, 10:45 AM Jim - WS6X <ws6x.ars at wrote:

> This morning from 0000 - 0230 (Tuesday evening, local) conditions were
> interesting here in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Early on I copied
> numerous Western EU working NP2J, and F6ARC was his usual beacon strength.
> Around 0200 I heard R3LA with a big signal and immediately turned on the
> linear. I got impatient with the 3 minute warm-up, so tossed my 85 Watt
> signal into the pile. Much to my surprise, he came back to me and gave me a
> 559. Twenty minutes later LZ1PM was booming in, and I easily worked him
> with
> a kW.
> Oddly though, Roger, G3YRO was a steady S4-5 throughout the evening, but I,
> and numerous others, could not work him. (I was using the full legal
> limit.)
> So from my end, conditions to EU seemed spotty. Pretty good to Eastern EU,
> not so hot to Western EU. From this QTH so far, this season has been a
> mixed
> bag. Many days of very poor condx, and several when Western EU was easy to
> work, but Eastern EU was missing. Zero days of wide open to EU condx.
> Keeping my fingers crossed...
> Jim, WS6X
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