Topband: K9AY loop -- adding additional radials?

Peter Bertini radioconnection at
Thu Nov 15 09:46:28 EST 2018

Gary. if you are still reading this thread. I have a very early K9AY loop
and mast kit.  I believe my relay box was the second version where you went
from DC/AC control to a three wire DC relay voltage system. The antenna
mast kit used galvanized timber spikes, if that helps date the system.

Was there a modification that showed how to separate the antenna ground
return from the coax feedline? I could never find an exact schematic for
the boxes.

 I did use a FT-240-43 toroid at the FP, but I think I need another core
since it filled up fast when winding the control and coax cable. It seems
to be working well, but if there is a way to make it work better I will do
so next summer when I make the installation more permanent.


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