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Sat Nov 17 08:37:11 EST 2018

There have been no uploads for OK1YQ therefore it all has to be cards. 73
Clive GM3POI

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Hi Joel

I have the same impression as Bill mentioned. 160m paper QSL requires a card
checker, however LOTW confirmation does not have the same process, no QSO or
QSL check at all. We've seen 160m " QSO's"  on Club Log  and subsequent
confirmation on LOTW on plain day light.


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Folks - I'm not exactly understanding the LoTW comments on this thread. 
If it is referring to the LoTW screen shot totals listed by OK1RD on his
website then that is the combined totals in his DXCC record, not the totals
confirmed solely via LoTW so a "hack" has not necessarily occurred.

Regardless, there is convincing evidence some bogus QSL cards were reviewed
and accepted by a DXCC card checker somewhere and then entered into his DXCC

73 Joel W5ZN

On 2018-11-17 05:29, Bill Tippett wrote:
>>> Doesn't say much for the DXCC checking process either.  73 Clive 
>>> GM3POI
> Guys this was probably done by OK1RD to embarrass ARRL/DXCC, in 
> retaliation
> for ARRL (correctly) removing his bogus listing over 10 years ago.  He
> probably found a way to hack LOTW and no human monitored the result.  
> I'm
> sure they will correct the listing but it does raise some serious 
> issues
> about the security of their system.
> 73,  Bill  W4ZV
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