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Wed Nov 21 08:15:46 EST 2018

Hi guys,

What about remote stations (to transmit, to receive or both) for any awards ?

Is any recommandations for checkers ?

Best 73

Jean-Paul F6FYA / TM4Q

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> Le 20 nov. 2018 à 18:55, <n4is at> <n4is at> a écrit :
> Hi Guys
> Here what I think is the problem. DXCC records and link accounts. This is a
> problem with CQ WAZ as well. Here some examples, Back in late 80's a PY1
> send 40 cards to claim CQ WAZ 40 zones on 160m, just after HB9AMO  Plaque #
> 1  -  13 June 1987 . K1MEM sent a letter to PY1RO to check the cards, and
> several cards was just impossible QSO's, like China during daytime and the
> Chinese station never worked on 160m.  The certificate was canceled, however
> 10 to 20 years later the same guy apply again and get his WAZ original
> certificate number validate using old credits. The certificate was canceled
> but the filed credits not.
> Same thing on DXCC, after 10 years you can apply again, using link accounts,
> and using old credits on file. I've seen this with others PY, LZ and why not
> this OK. This is fixable.
> I understand the ARRL wants to be very discreate when someone is caught
> doing creative things, no moral or ethical help on publicity. 
> So I believe it is just an internal broken process that allow linked
> accounts and old records to be used again without verification.
> The issue I see on LOTW is a lack of card check at the same level we have
> with paper QSL cards.
> Here some examples. PY3CEJ posted on his website a QSL card with a SSB QSO
> 11:30 am local noon time, and with only 100w.  I call PY3CEJ and challenged
> him about this impossible QSO, few days latter the 4W guy uploaded on Club
> Log this fantastic QSO. If you look on the statistics there is only one
> single QSO on 160, 2 QSO's on 80m and 100's of QSO on 40m SSB, most with
> JA's. I cannot say that this QSO was uploaded to LOTW, but there is nothing
> to prevent it.
> In the last six years we've seen a large number of QSO during day time on
> 160m from several " groups club" , like the ongoing strong between PY, LZ
> and YB. QSO's on 160m on broad day sun light. Ongoing means last week with
> new impossible QSO's on Club Log and credits on the DXCC list latter for
> sure.
> The explanation from ARRL was that there is no way to stop "them". I don't
> agree with it, a simple code on LOTW DXCC validation can flag those daytime
> 160m QSO's for late "card check".
> The real thing here is the most dangerous behavior for our hobby.
> if you don't care I don' t mind, and I don't mind if you don't care.
> Please!  we do care,   and we do mint!   Do something too!...
> 73's
> JC
> N4IS
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