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Hello Jean-Paul,


>From the current DXCC Rules:


9.  Station Location and Boundary:

a) All stations used to make contacts for a specific DXCC award must be
located within the same DXCC entity.
b) All transmitters and receivers comprising a station used for a specific
contact must be located within a 500-meter diameter circle.
c) QSOs made with legally licensed, remotely controlled stations are allowed
to be used for DXCC credit.


This means it is legal to use a remote station to work DX, but it is NOT
legal to transmit from home and use a remote receive site.  I know we all
have our own opinions on this, but this is what the rules say.


Card checkers really have no way of knowing what the applicant was doing,
but we are told to note the time of the QSO on the application for all 160m
QSOs.  If a W0 or W9 presents me with a card for a 160m QSO with JA at
1400z, which is long after our sunrise, I will certainly make note of it on
the application.




Mike Cizek WØVTT


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Hi guys,


What about remote stations (to transmit, to receive or both) for any awards


Is any recommandations for checkers ?


Best 73


Jean-Paul F6FYA / TM4Q


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> Le 20 nov. 2018 à 18:55, <n4is at> <n4is at> a écrit :


> Hi Guys


> Here what I think is the problem. DXCC records and link accounts. This is

> problem with CQ WAZ as well. Here some examples, Back in late 80's a PY1

> send 40 cards to claim CQ WAZ 40 zones on 160m, just after HB9AMO  Plaque

> 1  -  13 June 1987 . K1MEM sent a letter to PY1RO to check the cards, and

> several cards was just impossible QSO's, like China during daytime and the

> Chinese station never worked on 160m.  The certificate was canceled,

> 10 to 20 years later the same guy apply again and get his WAZ original

> certificate number validate using old credits. The certificate was

> but the filed credits not.


> Same thing on DXCC, after 10 years you can apply again, using link

> and using old credits on file. I've seen this with others PY, LZ and why

> this OK. This is fixable.


> I understand the ARRL wants to be very discreate when someone is caught

> doing creative things, no moral or ethical help on publicity. 


> So I believe it is just an internal broken process that allow linked

> accounts and old records to be used again without verification.


> The issue I see on LOTW is a lack of card check at the same level we have

> with paper QSL cards.


> Here some examples. PY3CEJ posted on his website a QSL card with a SSB QSO

> 11:30 am local noon time, and with only 100w.  I call PY3CEJ and

> him about this impossible QSO, few days latter the 4W guy uploaded on Club

> Log this fantastic QSO. If you look on the statistics there is only one

> single QSO on 160, 2 QSO's on 80m and 100's of QSO on 40m SSB, most with

> JA's. I cannot say that this QSO was uploaded to LOTW, but there is

> to prevent it.


> In the last six years we've seen a large number of QSO during day time on

> 160m from several " groups club" , like the ongoing strong between PY, LZ

> and YB. QSO's on 160m on broad day sun light. Ongoing means last week with

> new impossible QSO's on Club Log and credits on the DXCC list latter for

> sure.


> The explanation from ARRL was that there is no way to stop "them". I don't

> agree with it, a simple code on LOTW DXCC validation can flag those

> 160m QSO's for late "card check".


> The real thing here is the most dangerous behavior for our hobby.


> if you don't care I don' t mind, and I don't mind if you don't care.


> Please!  we do care,   and we do mint!   Do something too!...


> 73's

> JC

> N4IS




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