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Mon Nov 26 11:27:52 EST 2018



Some remember my post about VK-V31 top band possibilities last year as I was
travelling there on holiday.

Many useful responses, you will be glad to know my 100W into an inverted-L
over seawater made 1 VK QSO, a few JA and a few Russia which is quite good
going from there..

My Rx antenna was a no go, too much local QRN and tropical storms, the Tx
antenna was 100M away so I ended up using that for rx. Not brilliant but
better than nothing.

This year I return but this time have room for a proper vertical and Rx
antenna though this time far inland and thus no sea water. I was thinking
some sort of top loaded vertical and whaler loop?

Considering I have to fly with the kit but am willing to pay a little extra
in terms of weight if absolutely necessary, what would you suggest is a good
top band TX/RX antenna combo for a single traveller?


Iain G4SGX



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