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Iain, Etc.,

Some years ago I operated 160 and 80 from PJ4-Bonaire.  W8UVZ, KD9SV and I
used a single pennant antenna aimed at Europe with good results.  Bottom
about 6 feet above ground, 14 feet of vertical wire with the 910 ohm load
resistor in the middle and two sloping wires, 30 feet long each to the
feed point with an 18:1 transformer for 50 ohm coax to the RX port on the

These antennas can be "redirected" by moving the feed point which is the
"back end", so one could start out looking NE for Europe and then NW for
Asia and W or SW for Oceania before sunrise.  It all depends what you have
to tie off to on the back end.

We found that trees, and masts, both metallic and non-metallic make good
front supports as long as the vertical wire is about 3 feet or 1 meter
away from the mast.

I hope this helps.  73, GL,

George, K8GG

> Hi.
> Some remember my post about VK-V31 top band possibilities last year as I
> was
> travelling there on holiday.
> Many useful responses, you will be glad to know my 100W into an inverted-L
> over seawater made 1 VK QSO, a few JA and a few Russia which is quite good
> going from there..
> My Rx antenna was a no go, too much local QRN and tropical storms, the Tx
> antenna was 100M away so I ended up using that for rx. Not brilliant but
> better than nothing.
> This year I return but this time have room for a proper vertical and Rx
> antenna though this time far inland and thus no sea water. I was thinking
> some sort of top loaded vertical and whaler loop?
> Considering I have to fly with the kit but am willing to pay a little
> extra
> in terms of weight if absolutely necessary, what would you suggest is a
> good
> top band TX/RX antenna combo for a single traveller?
> Iain G4SGX
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