Topband: Wednesday 160m DX Activity Night

K1RID k1rid at
Wed Nov 28 06:10:39 EST 2018


I have a modest (read sub-par) station but was thrilled to work 2 UK stations and a score of NA. Most nights I need to go to 80 for Qs. 

A 160 Activity Night (DX or not) could more occasionally light up the band!

73 de Ed, K1RID
Newburyport Electronics & Radio Society

> On Nov 27, 2018, at 18:13, Roger Kennedy <roger at> wrote:
> It's so frustrating that you always hear hundreds of stations on Top Band
> whenever there's a contest on, or when there's some DX-pedition active on
> the band . . . yet most of the time the band is dead !
> I find it even more frustrating that there's often people posting lots
> stations that are on the band using FT8 (which doesn't interest me in the
> slightest) . . . yet NOBODY is on CW.
> That's why last Winter I suggested a regular Wednesday Activity Night . . .
> one evening when hopefully lots of stations would make the effort to come on
> the band at the same time, so we could all work each other.
> It was pretty successful . . . so hopefully we can make it work again this
> Winter too !
> I'll certainly be on the band from around 2300Z tomorrow night.
> 73 Roger G3YRO
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