Topband: Wednesday 160m DX Activity Night

Roger Kennedy roger at
Tue Nov 27 18:13:13 EST 2018

It's so frustrating that you always hear hundreds of stations on Top Band
whenever there's a contest on, or when there's some DX-pedition active on
the band . . . yet most of the time the band is dead !

I find it even more frustrating that there's often people posting lots
stations that are on the band using FT8 (which doesn't interest me in the
slightest) . . . yet NOBODY is on CW.

That's why last Winter I suggested a regular Wednesday Activity Night . . .
one evening when hopefully lots of stations would make the effort to come on
the band at the same time, so we could all work each other.

It was pretty successful . . . so hopefully we can make it work again this
Winter too !

I'll certainly be on the band from around 2300Z tomorrow night.

73 Roger G3YRO

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