Topband: Drone and pulley

Martin dm4im at
Wed Nov 28 17:20:55 EST 2018

I tried this once at V31DL. Don't know the brand of the drone, but it 
was a small one with 4 Propellers. It survived the crash and did the job 
after some fails.

Make sure to use a thin rope your drone can lift even when it is a long 
run. Wind is your enemy.
A light breeze will make problems with lightweight ropes. Heavier rope 
might be too heavy.

Attach a weight to the rope 2 or 3 meters under the drone to make sure 
your drone always is well above the (more or less) horizontal and 
dangling part of the rope when you fly your drone over the tree (or 
whatever). Use a long rope, fly straight up at least twice the height of 
the tree plus the distance from start to endpoint plus a generous safety 
margin before you go horizontal.

Ask me how i know..


Ohne CW ist es nur CB..

73, Martin DM4iM

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