Topband: 11-29-2018 80/160 Phoenix

HP pfizenmayer at
Thu Nov 29 03:59:56 EST 2018

FWIW ---- 

I don't know about polarization - but this evening/early morning 0700 to 0800 
here in Phoenix on a city lot buried in noise - I was hearing CT9/DJ2YA , H7/RM0F, C6AGU 
LOUD and was hearing several of the JA stations the H7 was working 
around 0730. I first thought it was WA8AET but it was JA8AET -then heard others he worked. 

Earlier on 80 PE5T 0634 was the loudest I have ever heard a PE station on 80 , 
worked him and heard other WC and NM work him. 
There were some G and GW on but wayyyy down from the PE5 . 

THEN Centurylink decided to put S9+ carriers on from about 1775 to 1860 
every 4 khz - have no idea why they needed just 1775 to 1860 . And yes in 
Phoenix its every 4 khz like 1803.967 1807.967 etc -not the 
standard 4.375 khz spacing . ADSL2/VDSL stuff. 

Hank K7HP 

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