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Sun Dec 1 12:37:25 EST 2019

How do to all, 

Rick is having trouble with his LED hall lights on 3/way with dimmer. 

Rick, this may be a stretch, but it might have to do with the length of the wiring itself. ie: When you turn them off from the switch that kills the problem, you might be shortening the length of the wiring away from a 1/4 wave on 160, With the dimmer end, which has no effect, the over all loop for some reason thru the lamps to the other switch and back, is 1/4 wave. If the lamps are screw-in led, try replacing them with incandescent or compact fluorescent and see what happens. 

I had a problem with a speaker for an alarm system. Alarm would go off on 40 meters. Turns out the speaker lead loop was real close to 1/4 wave on 40. Didn't need that particular speaker, so I lifted the leads at the alarm panel and twisted them together. Problem gone. (of course you couldn't do that with 120v wiring. <GRIN>) 

Like you said (in so many words): FUN FUN FUN 

73 es gd luck 
K9WN Jake 

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