Topband: 160 Meters in Thailand

Victor Goncharsky us5we at
Sun Dec 1 13:34:46 EST 2019

We both have worked you on top band in the contest.
Working split was a brilliant idea.
73/88 Vic US5WE and Helen UR5WA

>Воскресенье,  1 декабря 2019, 10:54 UTC от Ken Claerbout < kenk4zw at >:
>Hi Gang - I was fortunate to be part of the HS0ZAR M/2 team for CQWW
>DX CW.  I arrived at the station on Tuesday afternoon, hoping the days
>leading up to the contest a couple of us would be able to hand out
>QSO's on the lowbands.  A lot of work needed to be done in preparation
>for the contest, including cabling of new antennas into the shack.
>Two of those antennas are Waller Flags for receiving.  So between not
>having antennas available and the long hours of preparation, there was
>little time for operating. Maybe next time.
>Nevertheless, everything came together beautifully and we had a blast.
>Here's some pictures of the station and the contest operation.
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