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Guy Olinger K2AV k2av.guy at
Tue Dec 3 16:18:45 EST 2019

I agree with Bob. I think the name BOG is firmly entrenched, whatever the
electrical differences. Oh, I could propose a new name, but I doubt it
would ever stick.

I'll go back to my Otter/Platypus to propose a parable:

Suppose that the Platypus had instead gotten the name of Duckfaced Otter,
and that was firmly entrenched in the language regardless of the science
placing the Duckfaced in a different Latin-worded species.

Then on a reflector, an argument crops up, someone says that the Duckfaced
Otter lays eggs. Others deride that statement, saying everyone knows that
an Otter is a mammal, that mammals give live birth and Otters do not lay
eggs. Some, quite irritated, ask wouldn't the Duckfaced Otter have been
named differently if it was really that different? Probably because it was
named centuries before people knew it laid eggs.

In the science, the egg-laying, out of many differences, all by
itself would put the Duckfaced Otter into a different species, because such
differences are what define different species. Overall, most already know
that the Duckfaced Otter only *looks* like an otter, really isn't. But they
still call it the Duckfaced Otter because that's what the language calls
it. Who among us ever gets to successfully take on the language?

---End of Parable---

Beverage                       Otter

On-ground Beverage     Duckfaced Otter

Both are a longish          Both have brown
wire parallel to earth,      water repellent fur coat.
only used for RX.            and love the water.

Isn't it really about time that the masses on the reflectors know that a
BOG has irritating issues that no up-in-the-air beverage has to design
around, but must be taken into account designing a BOG? That any Beverage
strategy has to be analyzed laying on the ground to see if it really
applies to a BOG?

The antenna category is Ground Low Velocity Factor. The short for that
could be GLVF, except we already call those -on-ground or OG. Dipole on
Ground is a DOG, Loop on Ground is a LOG, Beverage on ground is a BOG. In
this system "Beverage" is only one possible shape of the wire laying on the
ground. How a BOG behaves and how to engineer/model one is really only one
application of how OG behaves and how to engineer OG.

I think OG is just fine. I don't think OG needs a new name. Just remember
that BOG is only one shape instance of OG, and OG controls the engineering.

73, Guy K2AV

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 6:38 PM Chortek, Robert L. <
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> I don’t think it matters what label we use as long as we correctly
> understand its electrical properties.....
> Bob
> Robert L. Chortek
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> > K2AV says ".BOG is not a Beverage. So don't think about or treat a BOG
> like
> > a Beverage."
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> > You seem pretty adamant about that Guy.
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> > What *SHOULD* we be calling it then please?
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