Topband: VE6WZ at sunset in Ukraine

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Excellent Doug.  What fun.

I heard JT1CO on the long path this evening and bits and pieces of his signal about 11:30Z this morning.  TB is alive and well.  73, Bob K3UL

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Hi Nick,

Yes it was great to have a nice EU opening at my sun-rise.  I worked Alex along with 16 other EU at or before EU Sunset beginning at 1209z.
After working a number of the usual Asia suspects as well as BD4WN I decided to switch to Omni TX and set the RX array to EU and straight north.
First in the log was SM5EDX almost 1 hour before his SS. He was in full daylight he said.  Here is who made it in the log, most with the RX via North, but a few were better via EU. I was using the Flex 6600, Acom 2000A, 2 el TX array and diversity RX. (beverage arrays and 9 circle)


I also worked Ales UR5AS about 9 hours later via the usual evening VE6 EU path which was fun.
There is a recording of my QSO with Alex along with a number of others here (you need headphones…afterall…this is TB DXing: <>

Conditions have been excellent on TB over the last few weeks with 20-30 EU logged each evening here at VE6WZ via the polar path.
Lets hope things hold for the contest this weekend.  Watch out for the morning EU polar path!

73, de steve VE6WZ

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> Hi
> Alex, UR5AS conducted the first QSO with VE / W at sunset ( December 4th).
> How was heard :
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> Nick, UY0ZG
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