Topband: G3YRO 160m Receiving Loop

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There are a very interesting series of loops and amplifiers coming out of
Cross Country Wireless, in particular the latest uses an aluminium bicycle
wheel rim, note just the rim which can be bought at a modest price.  On a
suitable base it is self-supporting and needs to be simply cut with a hack

I have yet to try this one but other amplifiers from this manufacturer have
performed very well for me. 


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I have a 300 ft Beverage running E/W which I use for most DX reception.
However for most of its length it does run immediately over a wire mesh
fence about 6 inches below it which makes it lose a lot of its front to back
directivity. For the last few weeks I have also been using a Wellbrook loop
mounted on a rotator about 6 feet above ground and situated about half way
along the Beverage. This gives about the same S/N ratio on DX sigs as the
Beverage when lined up with it with the advantage that I can also use it for
N/S reception. For EU everything is much stronger on the inv L TX antenna
but most DX is inaudible.


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I have always just lived in a "normal" house in a normal street in the city
. . . so never had room for a Beverage.  Not even room for a Vertical Tx
antenna, as no space for the radials. (and couldn't go high enough)

Most people are amazed that my Tx antenna is a horizontal Halfwave Dipole,
just 50ft high, fed with coax, yet I still work all over the world on Top
Band! (the wire goes outside my property)

However, a couple of years ago I did feel I could benefit from a lower
noise/directional Receive antenna, and made what is basically a Frame
Aerial.  It works very well, and being vertically polarised (unlike my Tx
antenna), it's interesting to see the difference in strength on signals,
depending on the propagation. (it's just up in my loft, pointing East-West)

Given the problems reported with a K9AY, you might like to try it, as it's
very simple and cheap to make - details here:

Roger G3YRO

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