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I think some people used this feature without regard to actually listening
first. I had several instances where I was running when stations would just
pop on frequency and start CQing in my face. I knew that they could hear me
and thankfully most of them QSYd after a few CQs.

On Mon, Dec 9, 2019, 12:01 Larry (K8UT) <K8UT at> wrote:

> Steve,
> RE: CQ hole
>  >If you left a run spot to go pee, it would be gone within about 1 or 2
> minutes
> The latest rev of N1MM's Spectrum Display includes a "CQ Freq Search"
> enhancement whereby up-to 5 frequencies of sufficient width (based on
> mode) and vacancy (one minute) are highlighted. You can mouse-click and
> jump to a new "CQ hole" and resume RUNning.
> -larry (K8UT)
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> Subject: Topband: ARRL 160m
> >This was the first time I made a serious attempt at the ARRL 160m
> contest. Usually I will just poke around and hand out mults.  Since condx
> were looking pretty good, I decided to stay in the chair a bit longer.
> >
> >I must say I forgot how this contest is really more like SS with some DX
> thrown in rather than a real DX contest. I knew the band was in great shape
> to EU because of how loud the EU callers were, at least 4 of which were
> dupes. At around 4 AM, John SM5EDX called in to tell me I had a great
> signal at his local NOON! So I knew the band was in good shape over the
> pole at my morning. The band was wall-to-wall during prime-time, but I
> could usually find a CQ hole somewhere.  If you left a run spot to go pee,
> it would be gone within about 1 or 2 minutes.
> >
> >1319 QSOs (1381 total QSOs but 62 dupes!!! some guys just kept duping me,
> multiple times…I just kept logging them)
> >83 sec (I worked all sections  before I went to bed Friday night)
> >
> >52 DXCC:
> >
> >EU- 114 QSOs, 25 DXCC
> >
> >AS- 97 QSOs, 5 DXCC: 86 JA, 7 UA9, 2 HL, 1 BY, 1 JT
> >
> >OC- 8 QSOs, 2 DXCC: 7 KH6, 1 5W
> >
> >SA- 3 QSOs, 3 DXCC: 1 CE, 1 YV, 1 PJ2
> >
> >AF-1 QSO, 1 DXCC: 1 D4
> >
> >I was operating my remote station using the Flex 6600, ACOM 2000a, 2 el
> TX, and multiple RX.
> >My preferred radio is the K3s because it has superior weak signal RX, but
> it has no waterfall via the remote.
> >
> >My remote station is a challenge to operate a contest like this. Here is
> some info on how things are set-up.
> >
> >I am not "a boy and his radio",  I am "a boy and his PC".  I use the Flex
> 6600 PC software on one monitor, and the remote station PC is on the other
> monitor where I log with N1MM and control the station.  There is no
> physical radio or switching at the operating table. Just the PC, a mouse
> and a keyboard.
> >I always use diversity RX with my 9 circle array in one ear, and the
> Beverages in the other. Each has 8 compass directions and each are
> controlled with a clickable rotor compass dial on the PC. change
> directions I need to click the 9 circle, then click the Beverage selector,
> and then click the TX array direction, then get the cursor back to N1MM to
> log. Often I would be RX in multiple directions in each ear which was
> handy, but boy....Im pretty sure I'm developing carpel tunnel syndrome from
> using that mouse!  During the morning run was really crazy...JA, OC, NA, N
> polar and EU all possible signal arrivals!
> >If I was RX for JA, and some polar EU would call if I had one ear on EU I
> might hear them, but then if they are weak, I need time to switch the other
> RX to have good copy.  If the callers are only dumping their call once…I
> might not get it.  Same with NA calling from the back of the RX.  The
> Beverage broadside phased pairs are very sharp, and the difference can be
> copy-no copy just between N to NE.  I may consider adding my RBN skimmer
> 30m loop into the RX mix so I can have “omni” rx, but it does not hear as
> well.
> >So if I missed any callers, or seemed really slow responding, it was
> probably because I was busy switching my RX and struggling to get the mouse
> back into N1MM to type in a call.  This is one disadvantage of the remote
> compared to having a physical direction switch so I could keep the focus on
> N1MM.
> >There were some very exceptional EU signals, some of which when they
> called I was sure they were NA.
> >On Friday night at 0730z JE1BMJ and JE1CKA got my attention even though I
> was RX for EU. This was just at JA sunset. I switched to JA and had a nice
> run on 41 JA till I went to bed at 0830z.
> >Congrats to Joel VE6WQ at VE6JY and Eric VE6BBP who were both rocking the
> band during the contest.
> >
> >Thanks to those how called me and could hear me.
> >Lets hope these great conditions persist throughout the season.
> >
> >73, de steve ve6wz
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