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Tue Dec 10 13:15:51 EST 2019

You should probably look for a double pole, I’ve been told you need to open the shield as well....I’ve had similar interference on my hi z array. I’ve opted to go a different route.... 

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> On Dec 10, 2019, at 11:30 AM, N4ZR <n4zr at> wrote:
> Now that I've determined that my transmitting antenna must be disconnected, in order for my K9AY loop to work successfully, can anyone tell me what sort of ratings are required for the relay required to do this remotely?  I'm assuming a vacuum relay, but in looking at the MGS4U list of available SPST relays, there is a huge price range.  What sort of numbers should I be looking for, given 1.5 KW and location at the base of a quarter-wave inverted L.
> I also note that most of the relays listed have  26.5 volt coils.  Can anyone recommend an inexpensive 24-26 volt supply that I can use?
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