Topband: K9ay loop not performing

Victor Goncharsky us5we at
Tue Dec 10 16:46:35 EST 2019

HI Pete,
I use Russian B1B vacuum relays for all RF switching, for high power 160m switching B2B vacuum relays are recommended. Hope you can get them there.
Good luck.

>Вторник, 10 декабря 2019, 16:31 UTC от N4ZR <n4zr at>:
>Now that I've determined that my transmitting antenna must be 
>disconnected, in order for my K9AY loop to work successfully, can anyone 
>tell me what sort of ratings are required for the relay required to do 
>this remotely?  I'm assuming a vacuum relay, but in looking at the MGS4U 
>list of available SPST relays, there is a huge price range.  What sort 
>of numbers should I be looking for, given 1.5 KW and location at the 
>base of a quarter-wave inverted L.
>I also note that most of the relays listed have  26.5 volt coils.  Can 
>anyone recommend an inexpensive 24-26 volt supply that I can use?
>73, Pete N4ZR
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