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I attribute the decline in participation to the raising noise floor and the aging population of ham radio operators.

I been operating 160 since I moved to the present location form a city lot in 1998 and have noticed the noise level constantly raising. I've been successful in noise sources in the household but most of my noise is external.

This is a hobby of mostly old men. The rigors of extensive antenna work and operating during night periods becomes more challenging as we age. I am 67 and retired this year and keep very active during the day. Getting up to operate in the middle of the night or at dawn was easier when I was younger.

In addition, many of us are also downsizing to small lots or restricted communities. Yes we can operate remotely but I like to operate in front of a rig.

I don't want to be pessimistic, just realistic. Enjoy it while you can.

Mike N2MS
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> So 160m continues to be a mystery - and I'm glad of it.
> Carl K9LA
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