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Sun Dec 15 21:44:08 EST 2019

2nd mike's point about the elevated radials if you have the room, and I 
underscore his point about not connecting the above gnd radials to earth 
ground and the need for a beefy common mode choke


On 12/15/2019 9:22 PM, Mike Waters wrote:
> Do the inverted-L, but use at least two 10' high 1/4 wave radials.
> Do NOT use an RF ground rod, or any radials on or near the earth. Just
> connect the coax shield to the junction of the radials and any remote
> tuner. At that point a good choke balun is necessary.
> Leaving out the choke or grounding the shield will result in very poor
> performance.
> 73, Mike
> On Sun, Dec 15, 2019, 7:04 PM thoyer via Topband <topband at>
> wrote:
>> With only 9 more to go for DXCC on 160 and all of the recent posts about
>> how
>> good the band has been recently "best in years....) I find myself with no
>> antenna for the low bands and cringing after each post on how good 
>> the band
>> has been.
>> ...
>> Options - I have a 45' tower with TH6DXX, 6m and 2m yagis. I could easily
>> string a makeshift inverted L with about 45' vertical and around 100'
>> horizontal. This I could string up in a few hours. the Horizontal portion
>> would be pointed south. Not the best of configurations but that's what I
>> have to work with. ...
>> Tom
>> W3TA
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