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Get a 60’ Spiderbeam Fibeeglaas pole. Run a wire up the side and top load it with two 44’ wires running out at 45 degrees or less.  

Use an isolation transformer at the base and 
Run it against 8-12 1/8 wave elevated radials.  Match with a 32/50 Ohm UnUn.

Mine was so easy to install I was able to it alone with any trouble at all in a few hours.

Spiderbeam poles are extremely well  balanced and very strong.

My antenna is installed at the side of our 11,300 sq ft lot and all the radials are laid on the roof.

Performs very well.


Bob AA6VB 
Robert L. Chortek

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> With only 9 more to go for DXCC on 160 and all of the recent posts about how
> good the band has been recently "best in years....) I find myself with no
> antenna for the low bands and cringing after each post on how good the band
> has been.
> I had some construction done in the yard (started in Sept) which required me
> to take down my Battle Creek Special so the construction equipment could get
> in and out if the yard and the workers wouldn't get tangled up in the
> support lines. Funny - I came home one day after they started the excavation
> and the builder asked what all the wire was he was digging up! Lost about
> 25% of my radials to construction.
> They recently finished construction and I'm looking at what to do antenna
> wise. My time is limited and the weather is starting to get cold. The tilt
> base for the vertical was torn out and I'm afraid my feedline to the base
> may be damaged also.
> Options - I have a 45' tower with TH6DXX, 6m and 2m yagis. I could easily
> string a makeshift inverted L with about 45' vertical and around 100'
> horizontal. This I could string up in a few hours. the Horizontal portion
> would be pointed south. Not the best of configurations but that's what I
> have to work with.
> Or should I put the BCS back together? This would probably take the better
> part of a couple weekends (inbetween having other distractions). I'd need to
> make a new base and probably lay in a new feedline and a bunch of new
> radials.
> I think I know the answer - go with the BCS as it's performance would be
> better then the inv L but figred I'd ask around.
> I know Murphy is lurking too - just waiting for me to get an antenna up then
> he's going to pull the plug on the good condx.......... (or bring back that
> 20 over noise I had last year)
> Tom
> W3TA
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