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Sun Dec 15 21:53:41 EST 2019

I meant 45 degrees or more....

Robert L. Chortek

> On Dec 15, 2019, at 6:52 PM, Chortek, Robert L. <Robert.Chortek at> wrote:
> Easy!
> Get a 60’ Spiderbeam Fibeeglaas pole. Run a wire up the side and top load it with two 44’ wires running out at 45 degrees or less.  
> Use an isolation transformer at the base and 
> Run it against 8-12 1/8 wave elevated radials.  Match with a 32/50 Ohm UnUn.
> Mine was so easy to install I was able to it alone with any trouble at all in a few hours.
> Spiderbeam poles are extremely well  balanced and very strong.
> My antenna is installed at the side of our 11,300 sq ft lot and all the radials are laid on the roof.
> Performs very well.
> 73
> Bob AA6VB 
> Robert L. Chortek
>> On Dec 15, 2019, at 5:04 PM, thoyer via Topband <topband at> wrote:
>> [External Email]
>> With only 9 more to go for DXCC on 160 and all of the recent posts about how
>> good the band has been recently "best in years....) I find myself with no
>> antenna for the low bands and cringing after each post on how good the band
>> has been.
>> I had some construction done in the yard (started in Sept) which required me
>> to take down my Battle Creek Special so the construction equipment could get
>> in and out if the yard and the workers wouldn't get tangled up in the
>> support lines. Funny - I came home one day after they started the excavation
>> and the builder asked what all the wire was he was digging up! Lost about
>> 25% of my radials to construction.
>> They recently finished construction and I'm looking at what to do antenna
>> wise. My time is limited and the weather is starting to get cold. The tilt
>> base for the vertical was torn out and I'm afraid my feedline to the base
>> may be damaged also.
>> Options - I have a 45' tower with TH6DXX, 6m and 2m yagis. I could easily
>> string a makeshift inverted L with about 45' vertical and around 100'
>> horizontal. This I could string up in a few hours. the Horizontal portion
>> would be pointed south. Not the best of configurations but that's what I
>> have to work with.
>> Or should I put the BCS back together? This would probably take the better
>> part of a couple weekends (inbetween having other distractions). I'd need to
>> make a new base and probably lay in a new feedline and a bunch of new
>> radials.
>> I think I know the answer - go with the BCS as it's performance would be
>> better then the inv L but figred I'd ask around.
>> I know Murphy is lurking too - just waiting for me to get an antenna up then
>> he's going to pull the plug on the good condx.......... (or bring back that
>> 20 over noise I had last year)
>> Tom
>> W3TA
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