Topband: CQ 160 Contest Rule Changes

Andy Blank andyn2nt at
Sat Dec 21 10:16:14 EST 2019

Happy holidays everyone.

Please check out the rules page for the upcoming CQ160 Contest in 2020.
There have been some changes, mostly for the better I hope.

These include:

Low Power is now limited to 100W only.
Assistance is allowed in QRP category.
Single Op Low Power now has both Assisted and Unassisted categories..

Some language has been changed to make things clearer, and to be uniform
with other CQ Contest rules.

Please also check out the PLAQUES that have been sponsored.
There are some plaques that are not yet funded, and we are looking for more
sponsors. Any additional categories can be offered as well if you have an
Send me an email and I will forward to K1DG our plaque manager, who can
arrange it for you.

Rules here:

Plaques here:

73, Andy N2NT
Director CQ160 Contest

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